The Crux

from by The Darkhorse



It's the love, the life
Words like "sacrifice", all of these lies we hold dear
It's the reason you left me here

It's the fear
Wasted moments that taunt us with sights and sounds that will never be real
It's learning to laugh through tears

It's the need to be immortal
A mirror, a marker, have someone to say we were here
And make this reflection clear

It's the plan, the line in the sand, the reprimands
Feeling the warmth in the palm of your hand
It's fighting the fact we care

Please come
Please come in
I am so glad you came

This light ignites the fire of
Fight or flight, do or die, calling it wrong when it's right
It's the gamble we make each year

It's the crux, the heart, the marrow inside of the bone
It's the punches we've thrown
It's the feeling of grinding gears

It's the sound and the fury, the nothingness
Mountains and molehills, it's all unraveling slowly
And catching us unprepared

Sign your name, cross your heart and hope to cry
Say goodbye, whether we plummet or fly
Just know that you've kept me near

Please come
Please come in
I am so glad you came

Save me
Save me please


from Blondish Yell EP, released February 24, 2017



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The Darkhorse Columbus, Ohio

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